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Watson-Glaser Sample Questions

The questions offered on this page serve as examples of the materials found in our Watson-Glaser-style practice pack. Full explanations and solving tips for 2 full-length tests and 290+ additional practice questions are available upon purchase. 

You are welcome to click on the link above and experience the free test in a timed mode. Upon submission you will receive a score report and will be able to read detailed explanations per each question.

Alternatively, you are welcome to download the PDF version of this sample test.

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What Is the Watson-Glaser Test?

The Watson-Glaser critical thinking test is an aptitude test which assesses your ability to understand situations and information. It is commonly used by law firms, where critical thinking is important.

How to Prepare for the Watson-Glaser Test

Our Watson-Glaser-style practice pack contains unique content, providing preparation for your critical thinking test. The pack contains a complete selection of Watson-Glaser–style questions, including practice drills for each section of the test, all of which are accompanied by solving strategies and tips. Did you like our sample questions? Get hundreds of original questions with our Watson-Glaser-style practice pack.

LSRP Purpose

The hallmark of the lawyer is the ability and disposition to engage problems, make arguments, evaluate options, and render opinions using skillful reasoning.  If lawyers are not both willing and able to use critical thinking in their work, their chances of success in professional practice or in legal education are small.

The LSRP is a valuable tool for hiring and the professional development of people engaged in the professional practice of Law and related paralegal professional roles. This powerful and practical measurement instrument has many workplace and educational applications. Our clients use the LSRP to provide a diagnostic assessment of candidates at entry to Law School and legal education programs, to identify weaknesses in individuals and groups, and to guide educational or staff development planning. Similarly, it serves well as a tool to assess the attainment of critical thinking as a learning outcome in all levels of Law education curricula.

LSRP Overview

The successful law professional or law student must draw judiciously on the knowledge base of their profession to analyze problems and to formulate, evaluate, and re-evaluate, a wide range of client-related decisions.  An individual’s strength and weaknesses in these skills will impact their career success. 

Part One of the LSRP  measures the legal reasoning habits of mind and professional attributes regarded as essential for legal studies students and practicing professionals. Part Two of the LSRP  is an objective measure of the core reasoning skills essential for purposeful reflective judgments in legal educational and professional practice settings.  Together they provide comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of legal reasoning.

The items on this instrument have been specially designed to appeal more directly to those who currently work in the legal profession, to those currently undertaking legal studies, and to those who aspire to become legal professionals. The LSRP is not a test of legal content knowledge. Reasoning skills questions are set in professional, educational, or common legal workplace situations, and no specialized legal knowledge is required. Items supply the necessary content for the applications of reasoning skills.

The LSRP can be administered in 90 minutes. 

Scale Scores Reported

Consistent with Insight Assessment's reputation for excellence in the development of nationally and internationally used reasoning and critical thinking assessment tools, the LSRP scales reveal a clear and distinct profile of the test-taker, predicting how willing and able they will be to think well in professional situations

 Part 1 Legal Reasoning Habits of Mind:  mental focus, intellectual integrity, mental rigor, foresight, cognitive maturity, professional confidence, communicative confidence, teamwork, peer expression, directness

Part 2 Legal Reasoning Skills:  Overall reasoning skills, analysis, inference, evaluation, deduction, induction

Test Administration

Insight Assessment offers a full service assessment solution, providing the industry’s most complete and cost-effective array of flexible testing options including app and browser based online administration as well as the traditional paper and pencil method. Secure, encrypted online testing is available 24x7x365 on our multilingual delivery options.  An in-app tutorial makes navigation easy. Tests are available directly at your site or multiple sites, at test centers or to individuals. Clients are able to select and offer their test takers one or more of the testing methods which are suitable for their specific test environments and needs. Insight Assessment testing specialists will work directly with your in-house technology representative during set-up to ensure a smooth solution.


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