Disaster Management Essay Pakistan Day Celebration

Public Views on Journey and Achievements of India

Are we ignoring talent in the name of quota?

By Triptee

After Independence India has to face the biggest challenge of upliftment of  the backward and poor. For this in 1982,  15% and  7.5% reservation in governmental jobs and educational institute were introduced for the [...]Read More >>

Can there be Quota on Merit?

By Aman Anand

Here are some examples to think upon. Govind Jaiswal, son of a Rikshawala, scored 48 rank out of 474 successful Candidates of IAS officer exam in 2006. Autorickshaw driver's daughter Prema Jayakumar, tops CA [...]Read More >>

Is NDMA ready to face off another natural calamity?

By Triptee

NDMA stands for "National Disaster Management Authority". It is managed and maintained under the "Disaster Management Act 2005". It is headed by our Prime Minister and its vice chairman is M. Shashidhar Reddy. It is an institution which basically [...]Read More >>


By Garima

Economic growth is the amount of increase in goods and services produced by an economy over . It is measured as the annual percentage change of gross domestic product(GDP). India consistent growth [...]Read More >>

If you could, how would you reduce crime in your city?

By Er Adarsh

With the modernization of the cities, the crime rate is increasing day by day. Every newspaper is filled up with such news and we can see that the world we live in needs a better environment.[...]Read More >>

Are we Paying Environment for Growth

By Divya

Drop a "Rupee" in a piggie bank and check with no wonder that it is still a "Rupee". But when you drop a rupee in an Economy, it Multiplies. To a great wonder, thousands of crores are invested by IT Companies, Power plants, etc. which resulted in Multiplier Increase in income.[...]Read More >>

Last Updated on : July 29, 2016

  • Climate Change, Water Management and Adaptation

  • National Training of Trainers on National Forest Inventory for REDD+

  • Green Parliamentary Caucus to Tackle Climate Change

  • Green Parliamentarian Caucus: Devising a Road Map for Action

  • PBC 2017 Conference Delhi, India (November 15, 2017)

  • Coffee Table Program: Shifting Rain and Food Security

  • Melting Glaciers and Climate Change

  • Climate Change Malaise

  • Sustainable Development in Pakistan: Issues, Ideas and Questions

  • Launching Ceremony of Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change

  • National Consultative Meeting on adoption of Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR)

  • Why Waste Water: Rethinking Water Resource Management in Pakistan

  • Water Environment

  • موسمیاتی تبدیلی

  • SAARC-Challenges and Opportunities in Changing Regional Dynamics

  • Framing the Pakistan Agenda for COP 22: Pre-Stakeholder Dialogue between Civil Society and Public Sector

  • Pakistan Environmental Challenges and Measures for Pollution Control : Book Launch

  • Deputy Mayor of Islamabad on Issues & Challenges to Islamabad Metropolitan

  • شجر کاری مہم

  • Clean Today Save Tomorrow

  • World Water Day

  • Climate Change, Southern Punjab and the Cotton Value Chain

  • Climate change and the cotton sector in Pakistan

  • Coffee Table Program : Climate Change and El Nino Phenomenon

  • Of POPs and Other Pollutants: A Discussion

  • Changing Climate, Climate Change

  • Climate Change and Regional Cooperation

  • Climate Change and Food Security in Gilgit-Baltistan

  • Climate Change Adaptation in Gilgit-Baltistan

  • Go Green Rally

  • 10th Anniversary of 8th October 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan

  • Future Trends of Heat Waves: How to Cope?

  • Action for Adaptation: Bringing climate change science to policy makers

  • Coffee Table Program: Floods and Dams

  • Floods 2015

  • One Weather one World

  • Coffee Table Program : Climate Change and Land Capture

  • Peshawar Tornado

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change

  • Coffee Table Program : Climate Adaptation in Pakistan

  • Coffee Table Program: Cross boundary water management

  • LUMS seminar on Climate Change, Social Vulnerability and Food Security in Pakistan

  • Mercury Dental Amalgam use in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Impacts on Health and Environment

  • Tackling Global Warming through REDD+

  • Coffee Table Program : Mercury issues in Pakistan

  • Stakeholders Meeting on Pathways to Resilience in Semi-arid Economies (PRISE)

  • Coffee Table Program 37 : Environment and Floods Situation in Pakistan

  • Coffee Table Program 36 : Floods: Opportunity or Disaster

  • South Asia Specific Findings of 5th Assessment Report Of IPCC

  • Climate Resilient Economic Development: Making use of natural and human capital

  • Searching for Panacea: Facets of governance institutions and power in climate change

  • Climate Risks and Its Impacts on Markets and Growth: The Case of Pakistan

  • SDPI Celebrated World Environment Day 2014

  • Quaid e Azam University Cleanliness Day

  • Coffee Table programme: Climate Change: A serious Threat to Environment

  • Naked Mountains

  • Environment at Risk

  • Forests Livelihoods and Power Relations in North West Pakistan (Book Launch)

  • Training Workshop on Environment and Climate Change

  • Water for Future: Perspectives from Pakistan

  • Save the Forests

  • Humanitarian Response Facility-Muzaffargarh

  • Climate Forced Displacement In South Asia Interview

  • Inter-School Mercury Painting Competition.

  • Sustainable Ship Recycling Industry

  • Climate Change Repercussions For Pakistan

  • Human Development Report on Water

  • Green Economy Inaugural

  • World Environment Day

  • Alternative Energy Resources

  • Weather Pattern Change

  • Regulating global mercury uses

  • PTI Environmental Policy

  • Subject: Pakistan's Youth Spokesman Ali Shahbaz

  • Non-Traditional Security Threats Global Governance System to Combat Challenges

  • National Climate Change policy

  • Mercury Report Launch on World Environment Day

  • Training on Mercury Monitoring

  • Mercury: A Silent Killer

  • Long march - Minhaj ul Qaran Movement

  • Interview with PRIYA SHYAMSUNDAR

  • Green Economy

  • Essay Writing Competition

  • The National Disaster Management Authority

  • Gender and Climate Change

  • Energy and Climate Change

  • Climate Change and Livelihood

  • Changing Weathers

  • Climate Change and Adaptation

  • Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria for REDD Safeguards

  • Sustaining Water Resources

  • Assessment of Chemically Polluted Sites in Pakistan

  • Solar radiation management method

  • REDD program in Pakistan

  • Environmental and Social Issues of Ship-Breaking Industry

  • RIO+20 Multi Stakeholder Consultations


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