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Shoe Horn Sonata Distinctively Visual Essay Essays and Research Papers

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    English essay shoe horn sonata, distinctively visual. Important issues in the world can be brought to mind by engaging visual images. There are many examples of...
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    visual into reality but it is just as real in the script itself. The distinctively visual elements like the shoe-horn ... Misto in The Shoe-Horn Sonata and Steinbeck in...
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    the performance The Shoe-Horn Sonata conveys messages. This is a distinctly visual text, a distinctively visual text uses language as well as visual techniques to...
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    to create particular images in the audience's mind. Shoe-horn Sonata by John Misto is a distinctively visual text in the form of a play that represents ideas...
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  • Module a: Shoe-Horn Sonata
    The distinctive experience of finding hope and purpose through the outlet of art is created through the visual medium of John Mistos The Shoe Horn Sonata. He...
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    that the distinctively visual elements and the dramatic techniques of Setting, Sound, Lighting, Conflict etc. are and can be used to convey The Shoe-Horn Sonata key...
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    Throughout the play The Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto the distinctively visual elements are demonstrated through themes and techniques that convey the aspects of...
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    guest who is well educated on the Shoe-Horn Sonata and he will give us an insight ... aims of education through a distinctively visual way. Music is a central theme...
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    ? Throughout year 12 we have studied distinctly visual texts with a focus on the prescribed text of the Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto that gives insight into...
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    visual. It is made evident throughout The Shoe-Horn Sonata and my related texts that interesting views on society are constructed by the distinctively visual...
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    to discuss the play "The Shoe-Horn Sonata" by John Misto in relation to the use of visual elements used, plus two themes. The Shoe-horn Sonata is concerned with the...
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    love. A major theme in The Shoe Horn Sonata is war. War is a time of ... by a brave young woman in place of war. Visually represented that Bridie is trying to...
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    Shoe-Horn Sonata by John Misto Act 1, Scene 1 What is happening in the scene? ... slides of harbour burning. * Visual effect - smoke. * The Japanese flag...
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    The Shoe-horn Sonata John Mistos purpose for writing the play The Shoe-horn Sonata was to bring recognition to the brave Army nurses who were imprisoned by the...
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  • How Does John Misto Explore The Theme Of Post Traumatic Stress In The Play "The Shoe Horn Sonata"
    can keep you fighting that little bit longer. John Misto, the composer of The Shoe-Horn Sonata explores the hard times and the effects that WWII had on the female...
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    Distinctively Visual Elements SHS The images shown in the play allow the audience to visualize ... the beam is shone on the shoe horn reminding the audience that this...
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    the creator of the Australian play The Shoe-Horn Sonta used distinctly visual techniques to highlight the past distinctive experiences during World War II, shared by...
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    use of powerful visual imagery in both John Mistos play The Shoehorn Sonata and the ... distinctive images create interest and draw us into the experiences of others? In...
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    and extracted through elements of distinctively visual. The atrocities of war are visually revealed in John Mistos play, The Shoe Horn Sonata as it commemorates the...
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  • Distinctly Visual.
    movie Look both ways and John Mistos play The Shoe-Horn Sonata are both prime examples of how distinctly visual elements assist in shaping our understanding of any...
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    Warwick Thorton, in their texts The shoe horn sonata and Samsun and Delilah, successfully conveys distinctively visual elements through the use of individuals and...
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    English Essay Intro The distinctively visual quality lies in the capacity to ignite a powerful response. Through the use of distinctively visual languages and...
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  • Distinctively Visual
    Distinctively visual technique holds great ability to convey powerful message through the text to the responders. This is evident in the play shoehorn sonata as...
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  • Distinctively Visual
    distinctively visual ... shoes, long dress green and black like a pine in the rain, bonnet much bedraggled and her shuffling movements declare her age. The outer visual...
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  • Distinctive Visual
    visual used in the texts. Another poem that Stewart uses to describe distinctive visual is the poem the moths. In this poem there is more distinctive visual ... shoes...
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Transcript of Distinctively Visual - 'The Shoe-Horn Sonata'

Understanding John Misto's
'The Shoe-Horn Sonata' in the context of
Distinctively Visual Unpacking the
Syllabus Requirements Misto's Purpose The 'Shoe-Horn Sonata' as Distinctively Visual Drama as a form: Visual Techniques: Techniques Assisting the Visualisation Process As opposed to pictures and film, poetry, plays and novels involve us looking beyond what we see with our eyes.
Readers must use their IMAGINATIONS. Music - popular songs, hymns, orchestral music
Sound Effects - e.g. crickets, lapping waves
Dialogue/Monologue - moves the action along, presents information, creates mood/atmosphere/conflict, reconstructs the memory of the past, reveals character
Stage Directions What to do with this? Re-read 'The Unacknowledged' by Jan McCarthy and 'Scores to be Settled' by Vera Harms in your copy of 'The Shoe-Horn Sonata'.
Think about Misto's context as a documentary maker and his interest in the untold stories of women at war.
You must link what you know about Misto's purpose to what themes are explored in the play, and how these are explored. Misto's Purpose: "There is no national memorial to the many Australian nurses who perished in the war. At the time this play was performed, the government had rejected all requests for one in Canberra.
I do not have the power to build a memorial. So I wrote a play instead." Summarising the purpose: Memorial to women and their courage/heroism/sacrifice (Bridie)
Acknowledgment of the suffering of civilians simply forgotten in war (Sheila)
Criticism of construction of history - the ANZAC legend
Criticism of the ethics of governments during war Focus: Analysis of dramatic, language and visual techniques used to
construct powerful
images of the women's experiences Module A: Experience Through Language Understand how perceptions of the world are shaped in written, spoken and visual language Explore, examine and analyse how textual form and language shapes meaning Examine particular language structures and features Elective 2: Distinctively Visual How the images we VISUALISE are created
Forms and language of texts
How do we interpret the ideas/themes?
How is meaning shaped? What does 'Distinctively' mean? Uniquely
Crucially part of the text
Helps to define the text What does 'Visual' Mean? Perceptible by sight
Perceptible by the mind
Anything that we can imagine
Not limited to the concrete You may be reading the play in the classroom, but it was written to be performed and seen.

Therefore, playwrights give us clues as to what the play should look and sound like on the stage. Slides and Photographs - historical and social context, validation and authenticity, sense of documentary.
Body Language - hand holding, waltzing, Japanese bow. Adds to characterisation, and gives the sense that their experiences are deeply ingrained in the women.
Lighting - can symbolise alienation, vulnerability, disconnection, a rift in the relationship, but also announces the moment of unity and reconciliation.
Symbolic Objects - caramel, tobacco tin, shoe-horn.
Setting - motel room (private) vs. TV studio (public) The "Distinctively Visual Pie" Visual Aural
(sound) Oral
(spoken dialogue) Jerusalem Rule Britannia The Blue Danube Waltz Key Scenes Act 1, Scene 3

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