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The world is shit, they say nowadays, but can anyone remember the last time the world apparently wasn't so shit, or falling apart, or in turmoil et cetera. Did anyone ever turn around and say: “Well you know, the world isn't so bad after all…” or have these people all been burnt to the stake? If anyone were to go now, turn on any News-channel and watch for five minutes, they will hear about Ebola, a questionable Putin, terrorist bombings everywhere, rape, assault, murder and so on. “The Perfect World” is an idea that's always been hiding just beneath the horizon to most people it seems; a dawn to shatter this shitty night of ours. A sunrise that never seems to come, true enough, but the silver lining has always been there, hasn't it?

Everyone would like to see a perfect world. The problem is that everyone has their vision of a perfect world, some more aggressive than others... Kjøp tilgang for å lese merAllerede medlem? Logg inn

A Perfect World Essay

A perfect world is illuminated childhood.

"Come on," Pixie said, "the moon is out."

She dragged at Mel's hand, and flew open the screen-door that led out to her backyard. The light that spilled across the grass was only a sliver from the crescent moon, but it was enough to illuminate the yard in the way that only moonlight could.

The two teenagers trekked across the lawn, one reluctantly. He stared ahead at him at the girl who now started dancing in the cold air, spinning around her arms like they were wings or propellers or something long and spinning like that. He hugged his body, breathing out in a huff so that his breath was steam in the air. He watched as it hovered in front of him for a little while, before fading away into a transparent vapor.

Pixie was looking at him. "What?" he asked.

"Come on."

She led him to the swing set that her father had given her when she was two. It was one of those wooden ones with the yellow plastic slide and blue rubber swings. The chains were rusted from age, and the years had caused the seat to sink lower and lower to the ground. Or maybe it was just that Pixie had grown farther and farther away from the ground.

She jumped on the first swing, the one she had named "Bluebird", when she was five. It was the one closest to the side, close to the wood that could hurt her badly if she smashed into it. Mel just watched her.

"Come on Mel, get on "Cloud" and swing as high as you can. We'll have a contest!"

"This is what you call an interesting Friday night?" he pouted.

Pixie scowled at him, her long wavy brown hair falling into her face. Pixie loved long hair, on both boys and girls; she thought it was beautiful and unadulterated. Hers was like Goddess tendrils cascading down to her butt, mermaid tresses that were so shiny they looked as if they were still fresh from the sea. She was sitting on the ends of her hair and they pulled on her head whenever she tried to look up. But she was so use to it that she didn't even mind.

"What's wrong with swinging on a swing with your best friend by moonlight? It helps you to be a better artist."

"You forget," Mel said. "I don't want to be an artist."

"Oh but I do," Pixie replied. "So do it because I need something to sing about."

Mel laughed at that, and he seemed to relax slightly. Before he was so tense that his weak shoulders had hunched in and his hair fell awkwardly in his face and he didn't even have enough flexibility to run his hand through it. He jogged forward and grabbed the outward swing named "Cloud", and began to pump his legs back and forth.

"We'll make it a contest." He said, "Whoever can go the highest and then jump."

"Well I'll definitely win, because you're a wimp." And with that Pixie jumped into the air with the swing still attached to her behind and for a moment it looked as if she was going...

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