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The Three Types Of Athletes Essay

In sports, there are three distinct types of players. Firstly, there are those who really don't care about winning the game or about winning in general. Secondly, there are those casual players that would like to win, but they don't treat the game too seriously. Thirdly, there are those who play only to win and will settle for nothing less. Examine yourselves and see where you fit in. (The following sounds like you are trying on a pair of pants)See if you can fit into one of these categories.
The first category of players contains those who couldn't care less, whether they win or lose. Easily recognizable by the fact that: they drag their feet when they walk, they mope around with a glazed look on their faces, and they are never seen exerting themselves. Other players in this category stand like gargoyles, only moving when they hear the game is over. A few possible explanations for their lack of interest could be: they never actually wanted to play in the first place, they aren't really that good at the sport (So why bother?), or their minds are on something else. This lack of spirit can be cured, but only if the players want the cure. This inoculation for lack of interest cannot be unwillingly given, it must be sought after. Some players are content to ‘never play hard’ or ‘give it one-hundred percent.’ For those seeking the cure (I would omit this because it is understood arlready-àfor lack of interestß and (Omit this as it is redundant: those who) wanting to be involved, it's possible. All they have to do is strive for it. They have to play as if they want to win, that's it. They have to want it, because if you don't want to win you won't (you might want to change this “you“ to “they“ since that is the subject and this sentence is the only time you used “you“).

The second category is made up of those who are nonchalant about the game. (I would put a period here and start a new sentence), As long as they have fun, they are content. These players more closely resemble those ‘who don't care’ rather than those ‘who must win.’ This class of players can be identified by the relaxed smiles on their faces and some perspiration on their brows. They believe that sports are for enjoyment and recreation, not so much for competition and winning. If asked, "Do you want to win?" their most likely responses would be, "Sure" or "Of course." Although they want to win, it isn't necessarily their goal. Their goal is to have fun. If that is accomplished, the game in their eyes was a success. These...

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Colpomenia sinuosa
Sea Bubble (Colpomenia sinuosa), Cabrillo National Monument tidepools, San Diego, California, USA
Scientific classification
Species:C. sinuosa
Binomial name
Colpomenia sinuosa
(Mertens ex Roth) Derbès & Solier in Castagne 1851
  • Colpomenia sinuosa var. sinuosa
  • Colpomenia sinuosa var. tuberculata
  • Ulva sinuosa Mertens ex Roth 1806
  • Encoelium sinuosum (Mertens ex Roth) C.Agardh 1820
  • Stilophora sinuosa (Mertens ex Roth) C.Agardh 1827
  • Asperococcus sinuosus (Mertens ex Roth) Bory de Saint-Vincent 1832
  • Asperococcus sinuosus (C.Agardh) Zanardini 1841
  • Hydroclathrus sinuosus (Mertens ex Roth) Zanardini 1843,

Colpomenia sinuosa, the oyster thief or sinuous ballweed, is a brown alga species in the genus Colpomenia. It is the type species of its genus. It is found throughout South Africa and is widespread around Australia and overseas.

C. sinuosa contains the C6-C4-C6 phenolic compound colpol.[1]

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Lee, Kyung Min; Boo, Sung Min; Kain, Joanna; Sherwood, Alison (February 2013). "Cryptic diversity and biogeography of the widespread brown alga Colpomenia sinuosa (Ectocarpales, Phaeophyceae)". Botanica Marina. 56 (1): 15–25. doi:10.1515/bot-2012-0211. 

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  1. ^Colpol, a New Cytotoxic C6-C4-C6 Metabolite from the Alga Colpomenia sinuosa. Dalia Green, Yoel Kashman and Ahron Miroz, J. Nat. Prod., 1993, volume 56, issue 7, pages 1201–1202, doi:10.1021/np50097a033


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