Ratios Rates Tables And Graphs Homework

This lesson combines creating ratio tables with graphing on the coordinate plane.  To start the Intro to New Material section, I have students create a ratio table to represent the situation. Students may ask if they can create a tape diagram as the visual.  Because we're working with multiple equivalent ratios, I want them to use a table.  We then graph the ordered pairs and discuss the line. 

I think that students may ask why they need to graph the ordered pair in order to be able to answer the question about kids and adults at the beach.  In response, I plan to tell them that we don't need to graph in order to answer the questions! Instead, I will explain that graphs help us to organize the problem, to see trends, and to make predictions.  

The key takeaway from this section is that whenever you plot equivalent ratios, the graph will always form a straight line.  Students can check for the reasonableness of their answer (in this case, the accuracy of the graph) by seeing if the equivalent points form a straight line.  If they don't, then one of the coordinate pairs does not represent an equivalent fraction.

Ratio Worksheets for Practice

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