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Comparing Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story

In this piece of coursework I will be analysing the technical aspects of the opening scenes in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. I will be talking about the body language, costumes, colour schemes, the sounds, music and camera angles used in each of the films. Both these films are about two lovers who fall in love despite being in rival gangs or families, which eventually leads to both lovers from both the films to being killed or committing suicide.

The film and play Romeo and Juliet has a similar story line to West Side Story. However this story is based in Verona, Italy and the rivals are not gangs but families, the Capilates…show more content…

Nevertheless Shakespeare uses the same two different coloured costumes scheme in his play on both the rival families but uses it to tell the audience which is the member of which family. The colour schemes in both films are similar because the background the characters are in are colourful similar in both films, in West Side Story it is colourful because of the graffiti however in Romeo and Juliet the background is colourful naturally.

The body language in both the films is similar. The viewers instantly recognises that there is hostility between the Jets and the Sharks and the Montigues and the Capilates by watching how the body language changes as the either the rivals families clash or rivals gangs. In West Side Story the Jets act cool and clam whilst walking in the playground they thought they owned, but when one member of the rival gang the sharks appears they start to intimidate him to basically "muscle the P.R's out" and you can feel the sense of hostility when the Jets were talking amongst themselves about having a fight with the Sharks "if they say guns, then we say guns". Similarly Romeo and Juliet there is a real sense of hostility when the big violent fight break out after the Capilates youths trip a Montigue up and after the Capilate youth start it when they insult passing Montigues by biting thumb in front of the Montigue which is

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Known as one of the most renowned writers of all time, Shakespeare told the universal truth. Emotions are not something that changes over any amount of time. Some emotions like love, hate, revenge, and envy, are key players in most of Shakespeare's plays. Romeo & Juliet was such a successful play that many other movies have imitated the plot such as the very successful "West Side Story". Even though 400 years has past and the world has changed drastically, the emotions and feelings in the play Romeo and Juliet have withstood the test of time. Shakespeare's play and the two movies modeled after it(Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story) have many similarities and many differences, but one thing remains constant, the emotions each character will display.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a everlasting play that concentrates on many different emotions. West Side Story is essentially the same play as Romeo and Juliet and was revived in 1961. Like Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria are of opposite arch enemy "families", they fall in love which is forbidden. Maria is Puerto Rican and Tony is Irish. In West Side Story they couldn't possibly get married but they do have a scorching love affair that they try to keep secret. The hate between the two groups (sharks and jets) was modernized as racism and not as many of the main characters die in West Side Story as they do in Romeo and Juliet. One of the major differences in the movies is that Maria doesn't kill herself like Juliet, she is left alone. Another major difference between the movies is that Romeo kills Paris who was going to marry Juliet then he kills himself when he thinks that Juliet is dead. In West Side Story, Tony is killed by Chino (the equivalent of...

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